Luke Renaud '22 Elite 8 Apex 350 Goalie Showcase

UpdatedFriday February 26, 2021 byOrange Crush 2018.

Congratulations to Orange Crush '22 Goalie Luke Renaud for being competing hard and making it to the top Elite 8 at the Apex 350 Goalie Showcase held in Warwick, NY!



Renaud brought his best game to Warwick, NY this weekend and coaches and Pros alike took notice. He has a great frame standing at 6’0 tall, but is as athletic as they come in and out of the cage. Renaud plays with confidence in every aspect of the game. When shooters were loading up to take step downs that confidence never seemed to waver. He patiently waited for the shots release and had great tracking able to gobbling up shots from just about anywhere. He has top level hand speed seemingly waiting until the last second to snag shots out of mid air. He plays in a strong stance offering little net for shooters to target. His rebound control is nothing short of excellent, and he isn’t afraid to go fight for a loose ball around the net. Renaud has quick feet and great outlets making clearing look easy. Look for Renaud to continue to develop and grow his game as he was chomping at the bit for every rep this weekend, and with a work ethic like that it's hard for coaches not to give him a look.